Welcome and thank you for popping by!

This is a journal of my awakening.

I am reconnecting to what I’ve always known I should be but perhaps didn’t really have a name for. I am a witch.

Thanks to a big kick up the backside in the form of ‘Witch’ by Lisa Lister, passed to me by my sister and following a horrendous, heartbreaking year last year I am heading back to where I belong after too long a break.

I grew up in a large, free spirited and ‘alternative’ family. I am an empath, a feminist  and have partial knowledge, in varying degrees, of many branches of magic and mysticism; healing, spirits, herb lore, aromatherapy, mindfulness and meditation, energy/baraka, crystals, feng-shui, dream interpreting  and other wonders of the natural world.

I feel the need to reconnect, refresh my memory of what I know and increase my knowledge. I am also determined to not just read and learn but to get practical.

I want to share my journey with you, reader and I hope that you will in turn share your thoughts, learning experiences and insights with me. I have always felt a bit like I didn’t really belong; since connecting with other witches via social media I feel for the first time that I am part of a community (thank you all for that by the way!) and I would love for this to be an extension of that community.

I will add here that I am not in any way, not even for a second telling anyone else what or how they should do things, everyone has their own path and I respect that. I do not judge. I am only expressing or sometimes testing my ideas and opinions and look forward to hearing yours…lets keep things positive and share our thoughts.

I don’t have a set idea about what kind of witch I am going to be…I want to see where the path leads me but I do have a few ideas about where I am going to start so let’s go!



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