Visiting the Goddess

I am lucky, I live close to a magical place and can visit often. You may have heard of it, you may not, it is the West Kennet Long Barrow. It’s name smacks of modernity and is in my opinion a bit of a misnomer. A barrow to me says burial place, tomb or tumuli. To my mind this is not that. It is thought to be built around 3650BC and said to have been used for around a 1000 years though when excavated there were less than 50 people buried there and those died within 20-30 years of eachother. This is the ‘official’ story. There are plenty of other theories out there for you to check out and find your own truth within them.

My thoughts are these…

Used for 1000 years…my arse! I used it yesterday, and so did loads of other people. Clearly there had been some spells cast very recently and myself and my coven sisters added our own to the mix . A man we met there said that they hold shamanic drumming celebrations of the full-moon there and suggested that the veil between the worlds is thin there. I certainly felt (or more accurately smelled; a more common way of sensing spirits for me) something of that sort when I was there. Perhaps there will come a time when the ‘official story’ will say in use from 3650BC to the present; wishful thinking perhaps!?!

As I say I also am not keen on the name…I’d prefer to stick with West Kennet (or Kunt) and I think that perhaps it is just that. A beautiful, wonderful representation of the place where all life begins. It is no coincidence that one of the sources for the river Kennet, the Swallowhead spring  is only a few hundred metres away and Silbury Hill, the pregnant belly of the Mother Goddess, is over the road. However, we (and by we I mean the powers that be and by the powers that be I mean patriarchy) have placed a road between the mother Goddess’ vagina and her womb. I think someone knew what power these places hold and by that I mean the strength of it and the femaleness of it and sought to sever it. Despite the severing it holds a lot of power.

There are theories that it is an antenna of sorts and I can see that too, along the ‘barrow’ there are chambers on both sides, they do go apparently all the way along although it has been closed off  long since, allegedly due to collapse dangers but I wonder if it is another attempt to close the power down! Well, look at me the conspiracist!

If each of those little chambers had one or more (though they are quite small) person/s of considerable magical power and if it does serve as a antenna or amplifier for power what a power that could be.

I also just want to throw this into the mix. Places of old are always assumed to be for burial, for death rites, for sacrifice. How about it is a birth centre? Each labouring woman has a little chamber of her own, the whole site overseen by midwives and wisewomen. Perhaps, we would know more about that if the ‘healer holocaust’ (Lisa Lister, Witch) hadn’t burned all the midwifes and wisewomen as witches and their writings with them.

I visited Avebury the same day, both the West Kennet Vagina/Birth centre/Magical Amplifier, Sibury Hill and the stone circle at Avebury (the largest stone circle in the world) are all classed as being part of the Avebury Heritage site despite there being (it is thought) around 600-1000 years difference in age. When you see the dates written 3650Bc and 2850-2200BC they are so long ago that it is easy to forget or not see just how separate in time their creations were.


I love Avebury too and again feel it is magical and full of female energy. To me, Avebury is the female and Stonehenge, the male. Once again the patriarchs and the creators of the dark ages spent much energy in trying to dispel the energy of the place. The whole village is basically made of these stones, many were buried, stolen, chipped away at. Again a road has been used to sever the female energy. Interestingly, Stonehenge was never severed in that way. The male energy considered more important than the female perhaps. It has been more painstakingly re-built also although it too has suffered monumental (see what I did there!) damage over the millenia.

Another lovely thing about Avebury is, of course, that you can still touch the stones. The first time I took my daughter there as a toddler she went straight up to one and placed her forehead against it. Placing your hands or indeed your head against them is a wonderful feeling. I feel the energy coursing through them as a tingly, almost like electricity.

I have never been to some of the other sites in the Avebury Heritage site such as The Sanctuary, another stone circle or the East Kennet Long Barrow. Another, Windmill Hill I have only been to once but we were sidetracked by suddenly seeing a large ‘crop circle’ as it turned out I think it was one of the largest ever seen in the country and so was really suitably diverting. I always end up spending such a long time at my old favourites that I miss the others. I will though and will let you all know how I get on.

In the mean time. Enjoy your own sacred places and spaces and all the beauty that mother nature, the original mother Goddess has created. I would love to hear about any places that are sacred and magical to you so, as always, keep in touch.

Blessed be.








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