Obligatory Imbolc Post

As a re-awakening witch some aspects of the craft are totally new to me. Imbolc is one of them so I freely admit I have been feeling a little lost and inferior as my new community of friends and fellow witches on social media share Imbolc greetings and show their wonderful altars, ritual baths, mojo bags and other creations.


Don’t get me wrong. Part of the reason why I have drawn back to my roots as a witch, even if I didn’t originally give myself that name is because of the affinity I feel with mother nature and the feeling of wanting to reconnect at a deeper level. That Imbolc, or Lammas to our sisters and brother’s inhabiting the Southern Hemishere of our beautiful planet, falls around the same time as a Blue Moon (second full moon in a month), a Super Moon (closest distance between Earth and the Moon in its elliptic orbit) and a Blood Moon (a total lunar eclipse). Indeed,  this has certainly felt like a magical few days and at the very least a special natural event. pexels-photo-708811.jpeg

So, why have I been feeling a bit lost throughout this magical time. I think, in part it’s because the Super, Blue, Blood Moon pulled my own cycle forward by a couple of days so I felt the need to be cosy, warm and sleep rather than focus my energy on the practical side of magic; the side of magic that I feel less than confident with.

However, I couldn’t forget my resolution to actually get practical with regards to my witchy-ness  at this quadruply magical time. So, despite feeling quiet, tired and lacking confidence (partly due to the emotional rigours of my cycle) I got on and did some magic.  I have gradually been expanding my knowledge on spell-craft and attempted a few, including some at one of my favourite places of power the West Kennet Long Barrow (see my previous post Visiting The Goddess) with some fellow sister witches with whom I have formed the beginnings of a coven of sorts. It has all been with a bit of a sense of not really knowing what I am doing so going with my instincts rather than following any sort of known spells, rituals or practices. I am feeling my way.

I have found a lot of things I have read helpful including lots of the ‘witch tips’ and such like that the wonderful and welcoming Instagram community have shared and of course in some of the books that I have been reading, namely Witch by Lisa Lister and Judika Illes’ The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells.

On the night of the full moon I put all my crystals outside to cleanse and charge, I watered my garden with my moon blood (which I collected in my totally awesome Mooncup http://www.mooncup.co.uk/?ref=2381 ) and I talked to the moon, albeit under my breath as I am not quite confident for spellcasting at volume yet. I thanked mother nature, the moon and a few choice Goddesses, ancestors and wise ones. I asked for a few things for the good of our planet and for my loved ones and for myself. In fact I was feeling so emotional that I almost begged for some of these things that I feel passionately about. I also included a petition for a particular visitor to my dreams. Then, following some great Insta-advice (I’m sorry I can’t remember who but I hope you see this and know how grateful I am) I pulled my spelling, my words, my wishes all mixed with my love for all those I was thanking, I pulled it ALL into myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually I pulled it all in. It was an emotional experience and I felt that I had actually done magic.

More than that I found that I HAD done magic. My dream came true. It was just what I had asked for. It was beautiful and magical.

As it turned out it didn’t matter that I haven’t got around to making an altar yet, that my collection or herbs and oils is still fairly paltry, that I forgot to cast a circle, that I hadn’t yet collected so couldn’t use my sacred water (though I did that today from a beautiful Spring fully moon charged and full of Imbolc goodness), that I didn’t use particularly specially crafted words or even plan what I was going to say. I didn’t matter that I didn’t really know what I was doing. My intention was there, my passion was there and I did it.

So yes. I can do magic. My witch is waking.




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