I am a Cackling Witch

Some stereotypes of witches I really can’t get on board with; green skin, warty noses, being generally evil in nature. Yes those stereotypes as well as being annoying and/or offensive are quite probably a deliberate attempt to both put women off accessing their power through witchcraft and to demonise those that do.

However, the cackling part? Yes, that bit I like. I’m a cackler. I’m a cackling witch and proud. I love a laugh and I don’t think that witchcraft and a serious demeanour need go hand in hand. It doesn’t have to be pomp and circumstance (as one of my Instagram witch friends wrote the other day; sorry I can’t find your post again to credit you personally!). Witchcraft can be what you want it to be and I believe that all things should be fun, enjoyable and above all make you happy.

laughter-laugh-fun-mom.jpgI also am a firm  believer in the power of laughter; it makes you feel good, it’s a healer, it is contagious and I think that spells created in the spirit of joy and laughter (providing it is positive magic you are doing I suppose?!?) are only going to benefit in much the same way as anything else does when created in such a positive state of being.

So when me and a coven sister sat down on Saturday night  to do some spell work and we kept collapsing into giggles we didn’t see it as a failure. We didn’t get quite as much done as we had set out to achieve but even if we did not get much actual spell craft done, we did a lot of learning. Part of the reason why we were laughing so much is because we were realising just how much we have to learn. Every time we went to look up a spell we would have to look up most of the ingredients and then look up the ingredients of the ingredients! It felt good to laugh about it rather than feel daunted which I think I probably would have done had I been doing this witchwork on my own. A very good reason to keep building networks and relationships; online if you don’t know any other witchy types personally I think.




As well as being a good laugh it was a good learning curve and we both came to the conclusion that a good place to start is to build up a cache of a few oil mixes. We were mostly referring to Judika Illes’ The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells. We discovered that we do have a little bit of shopping to do to add to what we have already between us but I am also keen to make things my own by substituting some ingredients for cheaper ones or ones easier to come by if and when it feels right to do so. This is one of the things I love about Judika Illes’ writing; she stresses a lot to trust your own instincts and intuition and that magic isn’t an exact science.

IMG_20180115_204953_417Of course there are times when cackling is not so appropriate and when quiet, meditative states are more helpful. In fact, although I am relatively new to witchcraft (in this lifetime anyway!) I am believing more and more that it is intent, and therefore concentration, or rather meditation, that  is the most important aspect of all spells. More than ingredients or incantations.

Well, I’m off now to do some more cackling, more research, more reading, more witchy-networking, more meditating, more spell-making and more making my household more environmentally friendly; Mumma nature needs all the help she can get! More of that in my next post.

Blessed be!


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