Green Witchery

To my mind being a witch and doing everything I can to help and protect planet Earth;  giving mumma nature as much help and protection as I can go hand in hand.


Although I do not call myself a ‘Green Witch’; I am more eclectic. I do feel a strong affinity with nature. I talk to animals, trees and plants and I am beginning to realise that I am an empath. I have always known I have empathy; well as soon as I knew the word anyway but I have only recently been looking into the idea that I am AN empath. I didn’t really know that was a thing!

Over the last few years, probably more, I not only lost touch with my spiritual or witchy side but I also fell off the environmentalist waggon. I still did the bare minimum I suppose but with the re-discovery of my spiritual and witchiness I am also taking steps to lessen my impact on the environment and help out Mother Earth much more. I had to edit carefully then as I wanted to write ‘as much as I possibly can’ but the simple truth is there is always more that anyone can do in this respect.

I have taken a few steps which have been remarkably easy really and have made me feel like .

  1. Bought a Mooncup; no more tampons entering our beautiful oceans from me. This also as I have mentioned in previous posts means that I can collect the most magical formula I have access to – to use in spellwork or on my garden. If you would like to find out more about mooncup please see their website;


  1. I have commited to eating less dairy and eggs. Again, I spoke about this in a previous post and was excited and happy about being a Vegan. However, I have decided that I can’t really call myself a Vegan at this stage; my daughter still eats dairy and rather than waste any that’s left on her plate I eat it. I also am not going to replace my leather boots or throw away food in my freezer or waste food that friends have cooked for me before I had a chance to tell them about my dietary changes. However, I have reduced my dairy intake by a massive amount; I would say I am 90% vegan at the least.
  1. I now compost. I have only had my compost bin for a week and already it has reduced the amount going into my general waste bin significantly. I am excited about seeing the results in around 6 months time.
  2. I have gradually and when required been replacing my toiletries and cleaning products with more environmentally friendly options and I have just heard about a shop fairly local to me that sells refills of many personal and household cleansing products as well so I will be visiting there soon too.
  3.  I have a small to medium sized suburban garden and although I have always let it be fairly wild around the edges I have actually planted seeds to encourage bees and butterflies rather than just letting the dandelions draw them in. I am also in the early stages of growing my own herbs and vegetables.
‘I can grow my own sage’ (to the tune of Fleetwood Mac classic ‘You can go your own way’)
  1. Another thing I have been doing is making sure I take a carrier bag in my pocket when I take my dog out for walks; I can then pick up the litter that I, like many others, usually just roll my eyes at or talk to my daughter about how horrible and naughty it is to drop litter. Last week I picked up enough polystyrene in a local woodland to fill the boot (trunk for my readers from ‘over the pond) of my car.
I’m so glad I removed this from the woodland I found it in 

With these few things I am already doing in mind and the knowledge that I will keep making positive changes, when I am doing spellwork; speaking to the mother Goddess, the earth spirits, tree spirits and petitioning them to aid me and give me strength or guidance I feel that I am giving them something in return.

Blessed be!

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