Wands and White Springs

I wasn’t sure I needed a wand but I had read the section on wands in Judika Illes The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells with an interested and open mind (yes I have talked about this fantastic book before and will again I’m sure…I really love it!). I read about the different types of wands, buying them, making them, types of wood, metal, crystals, using other, more discrete, objects like umbrellas. When I read that I immediately thought of good old Hagrid in Harry Potter and then my sister (both coven and blood) reminded me of Mary Poppins and her magical umbrella which she flew with; her broomstick/wand/umbrella. Anyway, I digress.

So although I wasn’t decided on having a wand or otherwise I had a few thoughts on a wand that would suit me. It would have to be wood, freely given by a tree i.e I would not cut a tree. I am a lover of all trees and believe in their individual magics as well as the magic of trees as a whole as it is a belief of mine that they are all interconnected. I don’t have a favourite type of tree although perhaps I think of some as being more magically resonant with me than others namely: Yew, Oak, Hazel, Rowan, Hawthorn.


I like the idea of a simple wand perhaps just leaving the wood to do its own magic or only use a small magnifier of sorts; one stone or crystal.  Anyway, as I say, these were really just thoughts I had whilst reading about wands. Then while I was out walking with my little one, my sister and our dogs we found a lovely grove of Hawthorn/May trees and were sizing them up for dew collecting and dancing around come May day morning. I suddenly thought to ask them for a wand (I also asked their fairy guardians). I did so mentally rather than out loud but nevertheless I looked down and there it was. My perfect wand. The length of my forearm; elbow to fingertip. About a centimeter in diameter tapering to about half a centimeter at the tip.

I thanked it’s mother tree and took it home and put it in my altar box, or rather what will become my altar box but is still in it’s beginning stages. I had nothing to make as an offering to the tree with me but the next time I go there I will leave a ‘thank you’ present or offering of some sort.

The following day I went to Glastonbury for the day, again with my little one, my sister and this time her not so little one too, a fellow witch.


We had a wonderful time looking around the shops and being around some fellow free thinkers and witchy types. We decided to pop into one last crystal shop; ‘Elestial’ before going to the White Spring. This shop was fantastic for many reasons; lovely staff, a great collection of crystals to suit all budgets and I mean ALL budgets. For me and my daughter though, the real clincher was the playroom! Don’t get me wrong I love taking me little one everywhere and love showing her things in shops especially in a place like Glastonbury where there are so many magical and wonderful things to see, however, sometimes I feel slightly unwelcome with my curious and fast moving toddler in tow, I do understand that independent shop keepers are concerned about toddlers breaking their merchandise, but it was a very welcome break for her and for me and meant we could take it in turns playing with her in the playroom and looking at the wonderful selection of crystals. I was just browsing really but there it was; the perfect piece of crystal for my wand. Again, I wasn’t really looking for it but as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one for me. A thin little sliver of quartz for the bargain price of £1. I handed over the coin, popped it into my purse and off we went to the White Spring.

Despite visiting Glastonbury several times I have never visited the White Spring before. I know some of the history of Glastonbury and it’s magic and I had read Lisa Lister’s account in Witch of bathing/re-initiating herself in the White Spring and so I knew it was a special and magical place. I was not quite prepared for how palpable it would be. On entering I felt oddly like I had been there before, so much so that afterwards I asked my dad if we had been there when I was younger and had perhaps forgotten. But no. It just felt…right. I felt energised, awed, emotional and had an almost overwhelming urge to strip off and jump into the plunge pool despite it being a freezing cold day. My daughter was similarly touched by the place and kept putting her hands in the water and rubbing it on our faces; blessing us. It is a magical place. I gathered some of the spring water to use at home and reluctantly left without bathing as I had no towel. We all vowed to return soon; next time I will definitely take a towel and jump in.

It took me a couple more days to get around to buying some copper wire and a couple more to sit down with my wand pieces and give them the attention and imbue them with their deserved intent. I also charged my quartz sliver in the light of the full moon while it rested in the hole of my holey stone or hag stone.

Et voila. I put it all together and I knew it was right. It feels strong, powerful. It is my perfect wand. So it turned out I did want one after all!


Blessed be!

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