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Today, dear readers I would like to share with you some of my loves, best friends, anti-depressants, sleep-aids, holiday companions and muses. I am talking about books. Yes, I am a bibliophile. I have many favourite books that I go back to over and over again. Being a witch, and therefore having an interest in all things magical, the fiction I read tends to lean towards these areas.

However, like many of my non-fiction favourites on what I would call witchcraft, they do not necessarily advertise themselves as such and/or the authors don’t or didn’t necessarily identify as witches, not publicly at least! These non-fiction magical works I refer to are books like Linda Goodman’s Star Signs, all of Betty Shine’s books, Lyall Watson’s Supernature and Dreams of Dragons, Tristan Gooley’s How to Read Water and Masaru Emoto’s The Secret Life of Water. 

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Although they might not have the word witch or magic in the title they cover subjects that are certainly witchy or at least make good study material for witches.  Yet, they could be easily missed or passed over by my fellow witches which is why I am drawing attention to them here. The witchy fiction that I am most enamored with too, does not overly purport to be about witches or witchcraft, there are no pointy hats or broomsticks on the covers, yet magic and magecraft of many kinds is a given within them and so well researched that I am sure that the authors are witches, whether that is what they call their particular brands of magic or not!

The point of my post therefore is to draw attention to some beautiful pieces of literature, of witchy fiction, if you will, that you may have previously missed. Please do enjoy them for yourselves and let me know how much you loved them too!


The first works I am going to talk/rave about are by Robin Hobb, an author who also writes under the name Megan Lindholm. She is a prolific fantasy writer and when she is not writing books that fill my heart with gladness (and at times heartbreak) she is a small holder, rescuer of animals, recycler and upcycler extraordinaire and a fans dream; she seems to always be attending a comic-con,  book signing other event, she really makes time for her fans, I swear this woman must have more hours in the day than the rest of us…see she’s definitely a witch!



I have often joked with people that Robin Hobb ruined reading for me as nothing else 20180426_081438quite compares and I have to have a break from reading altogether for a while after re-reading one or as is more often the case many of her books as I lose interest in all other authors! I love all her works but my favourites are all set in the realm of the Elderlings and spans 5 series’. They follow Fitz and the mysterious Fool through many adventures and misadventures in a mystical and magical realm. These books contain herb lore, dream magic and interpretation and other forms of divination, familiars, hereditary magics, hedge magics, psychic magics, naming magics and even necromancy. They are epic works and as George R. R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones for those wondering where they know that name from!) says of Hobb’s works’ are ‘diamonds in a sea of zircons’ in the fantasy fiction genre. They are superb and I really cannot recommend them highly enough.

Another wonderful series is by Michelle Paver rather than being set in an alternate place or world this is set in our world but in pre-history.


This series of books follow three friends Torak, Renn and Wolf as they try to save the world from evil magic. categorised as children’s or young adult fiction these gems may easily have passed you by but I urge you to give them a try. Covering magical topics including crystals, herbs, tree magic, familiars, astral projection and an interesting take on possession. The magic contained within is strongly related to nature and green witchery and so probably why I enjoyed them so much. It also reminds us all that re-remembering the magic within us is tapping into something ancient, that we have been gradually diminishing in our magical prowess as a species as time has gone on, not the other way around.

As Lisa Lister says in Witch ‘Remember your magic. Remember you’re magic’ (and yes I do manage to squeeze a Lisa Lister quote in most if not all of my posts!)

Blessed be!




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