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The title of this post is one of my favourite euphemisms for the last great journey, cruising the cosmos, biting the dust, passing over, going to the next room, going behind the veil, throwing a seven, buying the farm, kicking the bucket, following the silver cord, departing, dying.

I’m inclined to think that each of our individual impressions and ideas about what happens when we die is as individual as we are. There are, of course the BIG ideas; reincarnation, spirit realms, heaven, hell but beyond and within these large concepts our ideas and what we picture can be very different and our own ideas can seem contradictory too. How, for example, can one believe, as I do, simultaneously in the spirit realm and in reincarnation?

In this post I am simply sharing my ideas of what I think might be there for us when we ‘shuffle off our mortal coils’ (another of my favourite’s, you can always rely on Shakespeare!) I have gathered my ideas from lots of different people, books, places and formed my own impressions.  Someone recently told me that my ideas were able to give them closure and helped them at a difficult time. I suppose that is why my I have worked to form an idea of what I think, to help with my own experience of loss. It is also why I am choosing to share my ideas here.

As I said before I believe simultaneously in reincarnation and in the spirit realm. I believe that when we die; when our bodies stop working and sometimes even before that (as I believe there can be in some cases, especially times of pain, an in-between time) we pass into spirit. This place (for want of a better word) is, I believe, made of energy. It is the source. I think this is where a lot of people’s ideas of ‘heaven’ come from; I believe we intuitively ‘know’ much of what happens via soul memory. It is a place of light and beauty and purest love. I think loved ones who have passed meet us and greet us (more of that later).  I also believe that when people pass they take on jobs and roles that suit them if they are ready enough for that ( I will come back to the idea of ‘readiness’ later as well). Some, I think, work as healers and are those who the healers in this dimension commune with and work with, others are muses sharing ideas about literature, art and music and that some of them work as ‘greeters’. For people who pass over in traumatic circumstances they may need help to adjust to shock or to be helped to ‘let go’ of the physical world and their physical selves, or a chance to let go of negative feelings about the manner of their passing. In this way a motherly person may be a ‘greeter’ for little ones that pass, to help them and comfort them. I believe there are probably ‘greeters’ in the guises of different religious denominations to help people of faith.

So, another paradoxical belief? Although I believe that the next realm is love itself I also believe in the need for greeters, that it can be hard to adjust to which brings me back to the idea of  being ‘ready’. There are different sorts of ready, not all deaths are expected but being aware that death is close is not necessarily what I mean by ‘ready’.  I think that life itself is a preparation for death, it is a chance to practice for this great journey. In short I believe that the purpose of life, is death. I don’t believe in rushing it we each have our own set time and we should all of course try to make it as long as we can, to perfect it, to experience love in this dimension in whatever time we each have and in whichever circumstances we have it. This is why I believe that religious practice is called ‘practice’, because it is our way to prepare for the spirit world. Meditation, prayer, linking to the spiritual, feeling absolute love, communing with the Goddesses and Gods is in a sense ‘playing dead’, it is accessing the Source so we are as ready as we can be when it happens to us on a more full time basis. This will help us assimilate more seamlessly into the energy and to help us work through Karma to determine our next destination, our next reincarnation.

The other idea I said I would come back to is that when we pass over we will be welcomed by our ancestors and loved ones, our pets and familiars too. I believe that in spirit people and animals retain their sense of self. That they continue on, in a sense, as they are. They will look the same (but perhaps less careworn and happier) and retain their memories. I believe this to be true even if/when they have also moved on to their next incarnation. I believe we also meet our other selves, our other previous incarnations and that in some, probably many cases these people or even these animals are one and the same.

I think these things are possible because in the other dimension time does not exist.

Salvador Dalí. (Spanish, 1904-1989). The Persistence of Memory. 1931. Oil on canvas, 9 1/2 x 13″ (24.1 x 33 cm). © Salvador Dalí, Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photograph taken in 2004.
Image taken from About.com

Time does not exist.

Just take a moment to think about that.

We all exist right as now our previous selves and our future selves.

The loved ones we think we have lost are with us, and us with them. Always.













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